Henry Curtis

Senior Consultant

Henry Curtis is an Executive Coach and Senior Career Management Consultant with Right Management.

Consulting Experience

In his role as Senior Vice President of Human Resources at one of Canada’s largest and most respected financial services companies, Henry made himself available for various senior coaching assignments and performed as a mentor for new “high flier” recruits within his company’s international accelerated learning programme. He also conducted and conceived training programmes to help others to develop their coaching abilities and chaired a major cultural transformation programme. Henry’s HR experience has included both the technical and the human side of human resource management. He has led major pay equity, compensation and benefits projects, worked intensively on executive long and short term incentive programs, chaired a very large pension fund, and introduced HR metrics into two large organisations. In addition to this, however, he has also worked on the integration aspects of two major acquisitions, implemented a new automated recruitment program, and streamlined his company’s learning and development activities.

His work as a senior advisor and a trusted and respected coach and mentor for various senior executives has been warmly praised, and he believes strongly that people and the attitudes they represent are a major long-term differentiator between companies operating in highly competitive markets.

Business/Organizational Leadership Experience

Prior to becoming interested in the HR side of business, Henry was a senior executive in several property and casualty insurance companies, where he had overall P&L responsibility to the Board of Directors, and succeeded in improving bottom-line results and developing top line growth in target segments of the business. Among the various senior positions he has held, he is particularly proud of his business contributions:

He has also been Chairman or Vice-Chairman of the Boards of two major insurance industry organisations and served as Chair of the Advisory board to the University of Calgary’s Insurance and Risk Management program. He has held eight corporate or institutional directorships.

Education and Training

Henry holds a Masters Degree from the University of Cambridge in the UK, and is a Fellow of the UK Chartered Insurance Institute. He speaks fluent English, French, and Dutch and good German, and spent four years working in the UK, three in France, and eight in the Netherlands before choosing to make Canada his home in 1992. Henry is certified for Birkman and MBTI.